Cisco VideoGuard Smart Card

Use Comprehensive Security to Grow Your Pay-TV Business

Keep your pay-TV platform piracy-free with Cisco VideoGuard Smart Card. This end-to-end conditional access solution helps you securely deliver your service and content to subscriber set-top boxes and home gateways.

Features and Capabilities

Cisco VideoGuard Smart Card gives your pay-TV platform a solid foundation to help your business grow. Many of the world's leading pay-TV operators choose Cisco VideoGuard Smart Card because it:

  • Has a superior anti-piracy record
  • Has earned the trust of major studios for obtaining premium content
  • Helps enable a wide range of business models for live and on-demand content
  • Integrates with the most advanced next-generation pay-TV solutions

Get Peace of Mind for Your Platform

Cisco VideoGuard Smart Card is widely recognized as one of the industry's most secure conditional access solutions because it offers:

  • Tight hardware-software integration to prevent smart card reengineering
  • Algorithms that were developed by the industry's leading cryptographic experts
  • Customization so that piracy in other markets will not compromise your platform
  • Cisco Global Operational Security team support to stop illegal content redistributors

Generate Revenue from Your Content Investment

A highly secure pay-TV platform gives you the solid base that you need to generate service and content revenue. Cisco VideoGuard Smart Card builds upon that base by helping you apply the following business models:

  • Subscription packages
  • Content rentals
  • Record for free, pay later
  • Pay-per-view
  • Prepaid
  • Instant subscription upgrade

Cisco VideoGuard Smart Card also integrates with Cisco VideoGuard Everywhere DRM to help secure your service on your subscribers' unmanaged devices.

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