Cisco Unified Videoconferencing Manager

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Simple Video Conferencing Setup and Management and Desktop Video

Easily set up and control Cisco Unified Videoconferencing conferences with a single application. And extend your video environment to anyone with a networked computer.

Cisco Unified Videoconferencing Manager also helps you configure, manage, and monitor video conferencing network elements to optimize visual communications.

Capabilities include:

  • Simple setup and attendance - Schedules future and initiates impromptu video conferences from Web browsers and Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes calendars; reserves multipoint control unit (MCU) capacity, bandwidth, and video endpoints that are automatically connected when the meeting starts
  • Desktop video - Connects employees, customers, and partners with firewall friendly access to any Cisco Unified Videoconferencing meeting, including fully interactive and streaming options
  • Advanced Video for WebEx Meeting Center - Cisco Unified Videoconferencing Manager desktop video is integrated with WebEx Meeting Center to provide more advanced video functionality for WebEx meetings.
  • Advanced conference control - Invites new participants, mutes and unmutes participants, and changes video layout
  • Comprehensive administration - Monitors, controls, and maintains all video endpoints and network elements, including Cisco Unified Videoconferencing 3500 Series and 5230 Series MCUs, gateways and video endpoints
  • Simplified large deployments - Enables multiple MCUs and gateways to be accessed by a single number and manages MCU selection and cascading to optimize resources and enable highly scalable conferences
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