Cisco uBR10000 Series Universal Broadband Routers

Cisco uBR10012 Shared Port Adapt

Provide Much Higher Bandwidth at a Lower Cost

A new shared port adapter (SPA) and SPA interface processor enable you to support Wideband and meet challenging large-scale data, voice, and video IP service demands via current DOCSIS and video infrastructures.

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Wideband allows you to offer downstream speeds up to 24 times what is available with traditional DOCSIS. The distributed and scalable architecture of the Cisco uBR10012 Universal Broadband Router can be expanded using the:

  • Cisco 1-Gbps Wideband Shared Port Adapter, which supports Wideband, DOCSIS 1.x, and DOCSIS 2.x operations. The SPA works in concert with the Cisco 5x20U Broadband Processing Engine to more than double downstream channel capacity and deliver ever increasing services to an ever increasing number of subscribers. The solution makes use of existing, field-proven edge QAMs. RF ports on edge QAMs are traditionally up to one-fourth the price of RF downstreams on the CMTS. As a result, Cisco Wideband is unique in enabling you to offer higher bandwidths at a low price.
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  • Cisco SPA Interface Processor for the Cisco 1-Gbps Wideband Shared Port Adapter facilitates supporting the new SPA in the Cisco uBR10012 chassis.
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Together, these products enable you to offer cost-effective and high-speed broadband connectivity to high numbers of subscribers.

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