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Switched Digital Video

Network Efficiency with Switched Digital

Scientific Atlanta's D9500 Switched Digital Video (SDV) Server is an integral component of the Scientific Atlanta SDV system. The SDV Server functions as a distributed Session and Resource Manager (SRM) for switched digital video. This high-performance server:

  • Processes SDV channel change requests
  • Manages resource allocations in the edge modulators
  • Binds multicast content to available resources
  • Maintains up-to-date information on all switched digital content being viewed

Combined with its Universal Session and Resource Manager (USRM), Scientific Atlanta has gone beyond SDV to incorporate total edge resource management by offering an increased return on investment. Available as a software download and upgrade to existing SDV servers, the USRM has the ability to integrate modules such as video-on-demand (VOD) and SDV, delivering a new level of performance and features such as more efficient quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) sharing, policy-based bandwidth assignment across services, and improved addressable advertising. The USRM is modular and supports all standard interfaces.

Scientific Atlanta's open, end-to-end SDV solution encompasses the full set of components necessary for SDV, including:

  • Digital Network Control System (DNCS)
  • SDV Server
  • Digital Content Manager (DCM)
  • Universal Session and Resource Manager (USRM)
  • Netcrypt for bulk encryption
  • Session-based edge QAM modulators
  • Set-tops
  • Cisco edge, routing and switching products

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