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Cisco Splitters, Directional Couplers, Power Inserters

NOTE: This product is no longer being sold.

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Scale Services and Expand Bandwidth

Today's advanced broadband networks must support a variety of voice, video, and data services with outstanding reliability. The 1 GHz passive and the family of Surge-Gap passives from Scientific Atlanta, a Cisco company, are designed for deployment in these networks. These products are designed to help broadband network operators.

  • Deliver superior hum modulation performance on advanced, high current networks
  • Reduce amplifier requirements with industry-leading insertion loss specifications
  • Industry-leading insertion loss specifications reduce amplifier requirements
  • Change the board and cover "on the fly" without costly resplicing
  • Increase maintenance flexibility and reduce service interruptions with power passing/blocking jumpers
  • Deliver environmental stability with durable powered paint coating

Additionally, the Surge-Gap passives deliver the highest surge rating available today (6KV), as well a the ampere current carrying capability and power inserter input ratings necessary to power cable telephony services.

Scientific Atlanta passives are trusted by every major MSO, as well as by many small and mid-size network operators, to deliver the clean, clear signal, flexibility and reliable performance today's applications demand.

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