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SDV Operational Support Applications

Facilitate Switched Digital Video Deployments

Cisco Switched Digital Video (SDV) applications assist with managing, maintaining and troubleshooting launched SDV systems.

Switched Digital Video applications include:

  • SDV Collector: Provides a single interface to all SDV servers in each Digital Network Control System (DNCS) by gathering data from each SDV server periodically throughout the day and collecting DNCS data to produce operations reports.
  • SDV Status and Operations: Focuses on rapid detection of potential customer impacting events within a deployed switched network. SAO provides near-real-time session analysis, alarm aggregation, and monitoring of key elements.
  • SDV Capacity Planning: Allows systems to monitor switched video system capacity utilization to define necessary changes before capacity problems affect your customers.
  • SDV Channel Viewership Analyzer: Provides minute-by-minute viewership details. It allows operators to identify, analyze, and manage the channels within their SDV platform.

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