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ROSA Network Management System

ROSA Network Management System

Total Equipment and Network Management

Manage all the equipment and network layers of your video delivery systems with the Cisco ROSA Network Management System (NMS). This widely deployed network management solution for IP television (IPTV), broadcast, and cable networks provides uncomplicated access to powerful, sophisticated capabilities including:

  • An instant view of the entire network and device status
  • Control of every active device in the video delivery system
  • Immediate identification of critical issues
  • Automation of recurring tasks
  • Scalability to adapt to varied network sizes and features
  • Graphical network schematics and alarm messages

It provides rapid, easy-to-understand applications for:

  • Fault Management: On-screen graphical network schematics and message views speed the diagnostic and repair cycle.
  • Alarm Correlation: Flexible alarm correlation engines simplify alarm messages for faster response.
  • Configuration Management: GUI configuration of equipment, networks, and services and automatic detection of new hardware simplifies setup.
  • Performance Management: Extensive reports on the performance of equipment, network, and services ease diagnostics and repair.
  • Security Management: Different levels of user access to the software system help protect the network.
  • Integration of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Devices: Simple integration with little or no software development makes the solution cost-effective.
  • Add-on Extensions and Tasks: Open software architecture covers virtually all aspects of network and element management.

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