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Access Viewership Data, Monitor Performance

Access a wide range of valuable consumer data without violating your customers' privacy. The Cisco Retriever Telemetry Diagnostics and Viewership Management solution meets the growing demand for insight into consumer viewership habits and for active monitoring of set-top and network performance at the subscriber's TV set.

There are three primary components of the Cisco Retriever software platform:

  • Set-Top Client
  • Collection Server Software
  • Data Warehouse Software (and associated Web-based applications)

It provides two powerful capabilities for cable operators:

  • Retriever Diagnostics: Uses performance data collected from the set-top to identify network and set-top problems before they occur or in response to previously reported quality of service issues
  • Retriever Viewership: Collects viewing data based on the consumer's "clicks" of the set-top remote each time a new channel is selected

It is designed to allow data to be reported in two ways:

  • Pulled on-demand through the network for troubleshooting real-time problems
  • Pushed to a storage server on a configurable, parameter-driven schedule

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