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Prisma IP Multiservice Platform

Video, Voice, and Data over Your IP Network

The Prisma IP platform lets you reap the benefits of offering converged voice, video, and data services on a single IP network or delivering commercial services. Prisma IP provides multiple services transport of video, voice, and data services by leveraging multiple technologies to provide lower CAPEX and OPEX requirements.

Prisma IP provides a flexible video platform to simplify operation and control equipment costs. It supports multiple video interfaces, including Ethernet and ASI for video on demand (VOD), ASI for broadcast video, and high-definition/standard-definition-SDI for contribution video. Advanced capabilities include:

  • End-to-end provisioning using GUI interfaces
  • Efficient bandwidth use
  • Traffic prioritization
  • Support for ring, mesh, and point-to-point applications
  • Multiple chassis sizes to accommodate a wide range of needs

Businesses moving to Ethernet-based services still often have a large installed base of TDM equipment. Prisma IP is an ideal solution to meet their needs because it is the only platform to combine Advance Ethernet (RPR-802.17) with TDM interfaces. The platform also provides performance advantages compared with Layer 3 routed networks and Layer 2 switched networks.

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