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Cisco PowerVu Enhanced Applications

More Utility and Value from your PowerVu

PowerVu enhanced applications from Scientific Atlanta, a Cisco company, enable broadcasters, programmers and specialty network operators to get the most utility and functionality and value out of their PowerVu systems. These applications include:

  • A cue triggering application that provides a powerful, flexible solution for the automatic insertion and synchronization of commercial messages into video programming.
  • MetroMux software, which allows signals to get on and off a multiplexed network like getting on and off a metro rail system. It ensures that the original signal arrives at each destination with the same image quality as it had in its first location, eliminating quality degradation that can occur through multiple compression cascades. Additionally, since signal recompression is unnecessary, the MetroMux software also eliminates expenses associated with additional encoding and decoding equipment normally required for recompression.
  • A video subtitling system solution, created with Screen Subtitling Systems of the United Kingdom, that provides cost-effective language transfers, thereby eliminating the cost of a separate subtitling decoder. Subtitling can occur at the PowerVu Uplink and/or the PowerVu Downlink and supports virtually any font or character, including European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages.
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