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Pointer Network Monitoring and Status Application

Reduce Truck Rolls and Mean-Time-To-Repair

Cisco Pointer Network Monitoring and Status application delivers real-time reporting of set-top and modem two-way connectivity status and can identify the specific point where network problems occur to significantly decrease the mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) for outages. By pinpointing the location of the network problem, cable operators can dispatch the appropriately skilled technician to one network location, resolving issues for multiple customers with a single truck roll - reducing truck rolls, call volume and MTTR.

The Pointer Network Monitoring and Status software resides at the cable headend. The software unobtrusively monitors the routine traffic on the cable system that verifies two-way capability between set-tops and the Cisco Digital Network Control System (DNCS), and between cable modems and the CMTS. After the software and its server are installed and they are linked to the operator's billing system, the Pointer system "auto discovers" the cable network's topology. This enables the Pointer system to create a hierarchical view of the devices in the network, from headend, to hub, to node, to amp, to tap, to set-top, based on the level of detail supplied by the MSO's billing data information.


  • Quickly detect and locate HFC outage conditions with no load on the network
  • Efficiently identify, isolate and target set-top 2-way connectivity performance with advanced reporting
  • Reduce non-responders in preparation for VOD or Switched Digital Video deployments
  • Efficiently identify worst performing HFC locations through automatically generated and filtered Non-Responder Reports by Hub and Node

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