PAL M Analog Cable Set-Tops

Operator Control and Subscriber Convenience

PAL M Addressable analog set-tops from Scientific Atlanta, a Cisco company, give video network operators in Brazil excellent ease of use, deployment operation and maintenance, while offering subscribers capabilities that include:

  • The ability to choose to view all on-screen displays and menus in either Portuguese or English.
  • The ability to purchase Impulse Pay Per View (IPPV) events using the television remote control.
  • Easy navigation through menu choices, using a remote control or set-top key panel.
  • Automatic, on-screen pay per view event confirmation, listing events by channel, event number and event description. This reduces time-consuming telephone calls to the cable operator in order to confirm an order.
  • Clear, graphic display of volume and mute setting status, virtually eliminating any subscriber confusion over volume settings.
  • An 8-event, 14-day program timer, to aid unattended VCR recording of premium programming.
  • Optional one-touch purchasing of pay-per-view events from either the remote control or the set-top key panel.
  • Parental control capabilities so subscribers decide what programming their families may watch.
  • The ability to create a list of up to 128 favorite channels for easy scanning, selection and review.
  • A sleep timer that turns off the set-top after 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 or 120 minutes, as designated by the subscriber.

At the same time, operators get an easy-to-use on-screen Welcome Barker to reinforce brand identity and marketing messages, as well as other on-screen messages that appear, for instance, when a subscriber tunes to a channel to which he doesn't have access. Operators can also create and send messages to one or more home terminals to communicate about cable system promotions, past-due reminders, public service announcements, and targeted advertising.

The Addressable Analog series of set-tops also include optimum security. Dynamic video baseband and RF sync suppression scrambling techniques protect premium and PPV channels from theft of service. Signal security is further enhanced through the use of "in-band" conditional access. And provisioning transactions are transmitted as part of the program signal, making it virtually impossible to block network control transactions to the terminal.

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