Cisco MXE 5600 (Media Experience Engine)

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Media Transformation Unlocks the Power of Video

Use media transformation and media adaptation to encourage and scale broad-based enterprise collaboration with the Cisco MXE 5600 (Media Experience Engine).

Ease the financial and technology burdens of capturing, transforming, and sharing interactive multimedia assets. Embed media transformation into the enterprise network to:

  • Collaborate across time zones, global locations, devices, and other boundaries
  • Improve employee productivity and sharing
  • Increase return on investment (ROI) in video
The Cisco MXE 5600 can help your organization:

  • Improve return on video assets
  • Increase adoption and use with live streaming or delayed viewing
  • Enrich videos with analytics, tagging, and conversion of speech to text
  • Augment and personalize videos with graphic overlays, watermarks, and video bumpers
With outstanding scalability and advanced video architecture, the Cisco MXE 5600 helps enable real-time video collaboration across the enterprise anywhere and with any device.

Use this media transformation engine with Cisco and third-party video conferencing endpoints, immersive Cisco TelePresence systems (both point-to-point and multipoint interoperability), video phones, PC-based video clients, and WebEx.

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