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High-Performance, Advanced Media Transformation

Transform media more easily with Cisco MXE 5000 Series (Media Experience Engines), a high-density, high-performance, modular system.

The Cisco MXE 5000 Series is an important element in Cisco´s capture, transform, and share vision for enterprise video services. It can transform incoming video streams of any resolution up to 1080p to any other common video format(s) and resolution(s). It also includes advanced control plane and analytics capabilities.

Enhance Video Communication

For video communications solutions, the Cisco MXE 5000 Series performs high quality adaptation for video flowing between telepresence systems, desktop endpoints, and mobile devices with different video formats and resolutions. It also permits the real-time playback of any live source on any viewing device.

Do More with Video Content

For video content solutions, the platform also supports recording and streaming of business meetings and training sessions, and many different audio and video analytics applications.

The Cisco MXE 5000 Series includes the Cisco MXE 5600 (Media Experience Engine). Cisco MXE solutions are ideal for unlocking the power of video and scaling it across corporate and academic environments.

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