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Deliver Advanced Medianet Services

Use the Cisco MXE 3000 Series Media Experience Engine to connect people with media and devices - from any device, to any device. This new series is part of Cisco's emerging Media Transformation offering, which includes products for advanced media adaptation and media analytics.

With Cisco media transformation appliances, your organization can:

  • Connect. Capture media on any device or application and view it on any device or application.
  • Enrich. The media is automatically augmented and enriched. Enhancements include color correction, speech-to-text-tag clouds and meta-data capture, and application of graphic overlays and watermarks.
  • Discover. Media analytics help ensure that video is as easy to find as other forms of information. Media is searchable and surfaces automatically based on preferences.

The Cisco MXE 3000 Series includes the Cisco MXE 3500. The Cisco MXE product family of medianet appliances is essential for any pervasive video deployment including Cisco Digital Media Systems, Cisco Show and Share application, and FlipPRO camcorders and software, among others.

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