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Cisco MediaHighway

Increase Your Set-Top Box Capabilities

Get more value from your set-top boxes with Cisco MediaHighway middleware. Introduce more powerful features across your entire installed base, whether it is large or small, and help your growing pay-TV business gain a competitive edge.

Features and Capabilities

Cisco MediaHighway middleware keeps your organization at the center of your subscribers' video experience. You can easily add new features without the need for new hardware. You can therefore improve quality of service while getting a better return on your hardware investment.

Attract a Wider Range of Subscribers

Cisco MediaHighway has an advanced architecture. Your platform can support a range of devices, from low-end zappers or thin IP clients, to mid-level hybrid HD DVRs, to high-end, multituner gateway boxes. You can attract a wider subscriber base while maintaining consistent service.

Open Your Platform to More Developers

MediaHighway can be abstracted from the hardware on which it runs. Developers can use your platform to design new functions once and apply them across all devices.

Use the Software That Pay-TV Leaders Prefer

Cisco MediaHighway is the industry's most deployed set-top box software. More than 40 operators worldwide use MediaHighway because they can:

  • Support satellite, cable, digital terrestrial TV (DTT), hybrid, and IPTV on a single platform
  • Integrate online content with broadcast services
  • Provide open interfaces for third-party application developers
  • Maintain a consistent, branded user interface across all devices
  • Create sleek interfaces and program guides by using Java, Flash, or HTML

Deliver a Superior Experience

With Cisco MediaHighway, you can offer subscribers the features that they expect from a competitive platform. Subscribers can:

  • Personalize their video experience with catch-up, restart TV, search, and recommendations
  • Access both broadcast and IP content easily through a single user interface
  • Record content throughout their home with a multiroom DVR
  • Watch uninterrupted live and on-demand streams over unmanaged IP networks
  • Stream content to other devices over the home network