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IP Video Streaming at Low Cost Per Stream

As the complexity of digital transport streams expands, the reliability and flexibility required from service provider multiplexers increases exponentially. Today's digital systems demand powerful, flexible, compact solutions. Scientific Atlanta's IP video streamer solutions, with optional built-in DVB scrambler, provide ultra-high performing IP streaming for professional video headend solutions.

Scientific Atlanta's IP video streaming technology combines re-multiplexing and transport stream processing with IP streaming capabilities for a cost-effective, progressive solution, enabling distributing a multiple program transport stream over a high-speed IP network or backbone toward multiple regional headends or hub sites.


  • Automates signal monitoring and correction while ensuring signal quality.
  • Monitors incoming signal to reflect changes in output multiplex.
  • Delivers powerful TS processing capabilities - including full PID filtering and re-mapping, bit rate adaptation, MHP support and much more.
  • Saves rack space - Dense advanced processing solution - up to 12 ASI inputs in 1 RU; may support up to 24 ASI inputs.
  • Allows free configurable input stages - through the user interface one can easily configure the unit on the fly; possible to use one main and one backup situation where both inputs are monitored at the same time.
  • Simplifies operation - user definable loop through on the inputs allows easy sourcing other devices in the headend with ASI feeds.
  • Optional built-in DVB SimulCrypt and JCL scrambling support.
  • ROSA supported - fits into Scientific Atlanta's total management solutions.
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