IP Services Gateways

Integrate Hosted Data, Voice, and Wireless

Take your services to the next level with Cisco IP Services Gateways, an all-in-one solution for high-speed Internet access, wired and wireless home networking, file and data storage, and telephone service. The solution delivers the processing power to host applications that can help you differentiate your services and increase revenue.

Cisco IP Services Gateways with Digital Voice are high-performance home gateways that combine a cable modem, digital voice adapter, router, wireless access point, and powerful application platform in a single device. The solution features:

  • Integrated DOCSIS® or EuroDOCSIS® compliant modem with PacketCable compliant embedded digital voice adaptor
  • Managed 802.11 wireless access point and router for home networking
  • Powerful application processor to support gateway-hosted services
  • DECT base station on some models to reduce installation costs
  • MoCA home networking over coax on some models to facilitate digital video distribution in the home

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