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General Headend

Headend stereo encoding and RF output phase lock

Cable television headends must have unique capabilities to deliver the video and audio experience that subscribers demand. Scientific Atlanta's complete range of headend solutions includes Broadcast Television Standards Committee (BTSC) stereo encoders and off-air reference products to phase lock Scientific Atlanta video modulators and upconverters to off-air VHF broadcast content.

The Series 6385 Stereo Encoder is designed for use in cable headends where locally-originated or satellite-delivered stereo audio programming needs to be encoded into BRSC format for reception at subscribers' televisions. This encoder includes a simple operator interface thorough an LCD front panel, provides a standard interface for support of most audio equipment, and allows second audio program (SAP) sour for left, right and SAP channels. Models for use in NTSC and PAL systems are available.

The Model 6109 Off-Air Reference offers an attractive and cost-efficient method for reducing co-channel interference in cable systems as they capture off-air VHF video content for distribution over the cable system. This vital phase-locking capability can reduce interference and stabilize video signals to help enable the cable operator to provide a high-quality video experience.

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