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Cisco GainMaker Amplifiers

Technician-friendly, two-way 1GHz performance

The Scientific Atlanta GainMaker 1GHz platform includes a variety of amplifiers that address a wide range of needs for today's broadband networks. The amplifiers provide:

  • Superior two-way performance and reliability
  • Technician-friendly layout
  • Multiple forward RF outputs
  • 1GHz line extender provides a single RF output port

Gallium Arsenide Field Effect Transistor (GaAsFET) technology in the interstage and output gain stages improve distortion performance, and are factory configured with reverse amplifier, diplex filters, thermal compensation circuit, forward interstage pads and an equalizer to help deliver optimal performance.

More than 130 forward and inverse equalizers, pads, reverse equalizers and signal directors in a wide range of values are available to customize your Scientific Atlanta 1GHz GainMaker deployment. These plug-in devices are common to all GainMaker system amplifiers and line extenders, and are typically field-installed in accordance with system design.

To help you convert existing line-powered GainMaker Line Extenders into local AC-powered units (90-260 V AC), select the GainMaker LE MDU Power Pack Kit. It is a filed-installable product for use in Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU) such as hotels, motels, schools, apartments, etc. where local powering is needed or preferred.

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