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Digital Modulators and Transmodulators

Modular and standalone modulation solutions

The wide range of Scientific Atlanta Continuum DVP7 modulators and transmodulators support a full range of variable bit rates, signal bandwidths and QAM constellations, as well as allow any output frequency, addressing a huge variety of possible challenges, including customized or even non-compliant transport situations.

These modulation products enable service providers to process incoming QPSK satellite streams for QAM output to subscribers, including the ability to dynamically:

  • Receive and monitor QPSK streams
  • Modulate and upconvert streams for QAM output
  • Remultiplex up to four local ASI streams
  • Block services
  • View and change PSI/SI information
  • Regenerate SI-tables (including EIT tables)
  • Measure bit rate of incoming services
  • Integrate with several third party conditional access systems with built-in scrambler (option available on model D9644)
  • Prevent and minimize the impact of system failure with built-in redundancy

And, while many of these products can operate as a standalone processor, they also can be monitored and managed with Scientific Atlanta's ROSA Network Management System and Element Manager, allowing full integration into a complete digital solution.

The Model 9825M (Mono) and Model 9825S (Stereo) Modulators are space-and power-saving modular products that are vertically oriented, compact and deliver a full ensemble of headend features. The PowerVu Model D9752/D9390 Advanced Modulator supports two configurations to meet satellite delivery needs. The Pulsar MKII TV Modulator converts baseband audio and video signals to RF output for service providers. It delivers high reliability, low maintenance and excellent price/performance benefits.

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