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Webcasting and Video Sharing Application

Cisco Show and Share is a webcasting and video sharing application that helps enterprise organizations create highly secure video communities to share ideas and expertise. With Cisco Show and Share, you can optimize global collaboration through simple creation of videos, and personalize connections between customers, employees and students through user-generated video content.

Video Is Efficient

  • Save significant time and money by creating instantly accessible videos instead of spending hours in face-to-face or audio conferencing meetings.
  • Increase productivity by viewing critical video updates on your computer, within the flexibility of your schedule.
  • Boost productivity by using transcription capabilities to scan videos for relevant information instead of watching entire clips.

Video Is Everywhere

  • Enjoy ease of use in creating, uploading, searching, and viewing cost-effective video and audio content.
  • Control who can access videos with easy-to-manage content viewing security.
  • Communicate and collaborate with employees, partners, customers and students any place, at any time.

Video Is Personal

  • Reach your global audience instantly, without worrying about time zones.
  • Access relevant videos when you choose, how you choose, and for as long you choose to watch them.
  • Increase customer relationships with personal, impactful videos that build trust and community.

Cisco Digital Media Encoders

  • Capture and digitize digital media from a variety of digital formats for live and on-demand delivery across an IP network

Cisco Digital Media Manager

  • Manage content assets and create playlists
  • Schedule instant and future content deployments and playback schedules
  • Manage Q&A for live broadcasts

Cisco Show and Share

  • Create secure video communities
  • Enable collaborative tools
  • Integrate seamlessly into the network


Cisco Services for Digital Media

  • Deployment Services
  • Managed Services
  • Content Services

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The Cisco Digital Media Suite offers a broad partner ecosystem that provides deployment, solution development, and content creation partners to complement your digital media deployment.

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Accelerate business transformation and achieve the true value of the Cisco Digital Media System. Identify your solution requirements, build in flexibility, and address critical gaps in the technical and operational aspects of the deployment. Cisco provides comprehensive service offerings to help plan, design, implement, and operate the solution.

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