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Benefits of Cisco Video

With the right technology, video-based interaction can be "better than being there." Cisco networked video brings engaging experiences to thousands of business users and millions of consumers, helping them transform the way they communicate and collaborate. Benefits include:

  • Content that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • An exceptional video experience across devices
  • Improved collaboration capabilities, access to information, and entertainment
  • More scalable, efficient video services
  • Cost-effective setup, management, and monitoring of video applications

The following visionary use cases explore some of many ways you could soon benefit from video.

Universal Participation

Video engages people -- and keeps them engaged. They can even move from device to device, watching or sharing live or on-demand video without disruption. Better yet, they can do all this while interacting with the video and other viewers.

Remote Expert

Video makes it easier than ever for organizations to provide point-of-sale services by extending access to subject matter experts, regardless of location. This helps build loyalty, customer satisfaction, and engagement.

Advertising and Entertainment

With video, compelling content and relevant advertising can be delivered to those attending a live event, as well as those watching at home. Everyone can share information across devices, including exclusive content, video chat, social media, and more.

Video Surveillance

IP video surveillance provides flexible monitoring from any location, on multiple devices, at any time of day or night.

Video in the Enterprise

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