Cisco Media Processor Family

Advanced, Multiformat Encoding Enhances Video

Redefine the online video experience with advanced, live SD and HD encoding solutions. The Cisco Media Processor Family, formerly known as the Inlet Spinnaker family of encoders, provides best-in-class quality for live and real-time media such as live sports, 24-hour programming, web streaming, broadband TV, and IPTV. This affordable and ready-to-use solution offers the best possible streaming, award-winning quality, and professional, reliable results.

A Range of Streaming Options

The Cisco Media Processor Family offers multiple streaming options, from single format to multiformat, SD to HD, and streaming to any device, from set-top boxes to mobile phones.

It supports streaming to the latest platforms, including iPhone, iPad, feature phones, smartphones, Microsoft Smooth, and Adobe Dynamic streaming.

Exclusive internal encapsulation capabilities wrap a single adaptive transport stream (ATS) into multiple delivery formats for simultaneous output, providing a tremendous density boost that helps you reach the widest range of screens and devices.

The media processors also offer full support for adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming:

  • Apple HTTP Live Streaming to iPhone and iPad
  • Microsoft Smooth Streaming, including support for H.264 PlayReady DRM, enabling highly secure live publishing solutions for Smooth Streaming
  • Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming, with built-in CDN authentication
  • Support for Low-Latency Live Smooth Streaming and Multilanguage Smooth Streaming
  • Added support for DFXP, providing industry-standard solutions for subtitling Smooth and Flash streams

Additional Features

With the Cisco Media Processor Family, you also get:

  • Numerous built-in options for enabling automated ad insertion
  • The best picture quality for the bandwidth, in both SD and HD
  • Multiple formats, resolutions, and streams
  • Easy setup, use, and management
  • Intuitive remote management and personalized scheduling from any web browser
  • Robust reliability, 24-hour operation
  • Great customer and technical support from video architecture experts
  • Field upgradeability to the latest software release

Multi-encoder synchronization capabilities make it easier to:

  • Allocate two or more media processors to a single event, and generate eight or more streams per processor, providing multiple available bitrates
  • Synchronize discrete media processors on frame boundaries, eliminating pauses and skips when switching between streams on different encoders
  • Perform backup, failover, and recovery

Proven Performance

The Cisco Media Processor Family has powered a wide range of live, streamed content, including:

  • NBC Universal's coverage of the XXI Olympic Winter Games
  • HSN 24-hour web and iPhone shopping experiences
  • Roland Garros (the French Open)
  • NBC Universal's coverage of The Championships, Wimbledon
  • TNT's 91st PGA Championship iPhone experience
  • Major League Baseball
  • NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament ("March Madness")

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