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Cisco AS Series Media Processor Software

Dense, Scalable Streaming Optimized for Cisco UCS

The Cisco AS Series Media Processor Software is now available for operation on the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) blade server platform. This solution combines the market leading adaptive bitrate (ABR) capabilities of Cisco Media Processor with the scalable UCS blade server platform. The Cisco Media Processor Management Console is also able to operate on Cisco UCS.

Use IP Input for Live Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
Stream in multiple formats to any device with the dense, scalable Cisco UCS platform and the Cisco AS Series Media Processor software. Media Processor prepares your real-time content for delivery to multiple devices, including:

  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • Feature phones
  • Smartphones

The Cisco Media Processor Family leads the market in support for ABR streaming. Media Processor also detects broadcast cue messages and translates critical advertisement metadata into advertisement markers appropriate for Flash and Silverlight platforms and Apple iOS devices.

Full Support for ABR Streaming
The Media Processor AS Series Software supports

  • Apple HTTP Live Streaming to iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads
  • Microsoft Smooth Streaming to help secure live publishing solutions for Smooth
  • Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming, with built-in Content Delivery Network (CDN) authentication
  • Low-Latency Live Smooth Streaming and Multilanguage Smooth Streaming
  • Distribution Format Exchange Profile (DFXP) for subtitling

Enhance Advertising and Profitability
Increase the revenue potential of your content by:

  • Automating advertisement insertion with playlists generated by playout servers
  • Supporting slate insertion to remove broadcast advertisements
  • Increasing video profitability with Internet advertisements for browser, mobile devices, and set-top boxes

Find additional information on the entire family of Cisco Media Processors for live streaming on Cisco.com.

Simplicity, Efficiency, Performance, and Density with Cisco UCS
Cisco UCS balances simplicity, performance, and density for production-level virtualization and other mainstream data-center workloads. The recommended configuration for Media Processor Software is currently the UCS B200 M2 server class (please refer to the Quick Start Guide for details). Additional platform series will be added in future.

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