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Cisco AnyRes VOD Server

Control High-Volume Encoding

The Cisco AnyRes VOD Server, formerly Inlet Armada Server, is the foundation of Cisco AnyRes VOD. It stores all data, templates, and events associated with this high-volume transcoding solution; manages load balancing, failover, and distributed encoding; and provides additional functions.

Technology Benefits

Cisco AnyRes VOD provides:

  • Fully automated support for Apple HTTP adaptive bitrate (ABR) formats, including proper packaging and index file creation
  • Integrated analysis of source and output files for automated encoding decisions
  • Transcoding to all popular delivery formats, including H.264/AVC, MPEG-2, VC-1, and VP6
  • Access to advanced settings to fine-tune to the highest picture quality
  • Trusted experience to output thousands of files hours and hours of content every day

Business Benefits

Cisco AnyRes VOD helps your organization:

  • Reduce operating expenses (OpEx) by streamlining your end-to-end workflow, from acquisition to delivery
  • Use reporting tools to keep track of work completed, bill customers, identify problems, and track trends

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