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Cisco AnyRes VOD Encode Node

Control High-Volume Encoding

When a video file is ready to be transcoded from one format to another, Cisco AnyRes Encode Node, formerly known as Inlet Armada Encode Node, performs the job. First, the Encode Node decodes the incoming source file. It then makes new assets that are ready for playback on any television, PC, and mobile devices.

Advanced parameters tell the encoding engine which video, audio, and wrapper format to use, as well as what quality settings and profiles are desired. All the popular file codecs, including HTTP adaptive bitrate (ABR) formats, are supported.

The Encode Node is required for file-based transcoding with Cisco AnyRes VOD. Adding Encode Nodes increases the capacity of the platform to simultaneously output files.

Technology Benefits

Cisco AnyRes VOD provides:

  • Fully automated support for Apple HTTP adaptive bitrate (ABR) formats, including proper packaging and index file creation
  • Integrated analysis of source and output files for automated encoding decisions
  • Transcoding to all popular delivery formats, including H.264/AVC, MPEG-2, VC-1, and VP6
  • Access to advanced settings to fine-tune to the highest picture quality
  • Trusted experience to output thousands of files hours and hours of content every day

Business Benefits

Cisco AnyRes VOD helps your organization:

  • Reduce operating expenses (OpEx) by streamlining your end-to-end workflow, from acquisition to delivery
  • Use reporting tools to keep track of work completed, bill customers, identify problems, and track trends

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