Cisco WebEx Messenger: Business Benefits

Find, Connect, and Collaborate with Colleagues Quickly and Easily

Keep your communication options open by using the application that works best for you. Use instant messaging, group chats, and audio or video conferencing sessions to communicate with one or more participants. Take advantage of Cisco Jabber® integration with WebEx® Meeting Center to work together with employees, customers, prospects, and partners anywhere in the world and make faster, more informed decisions.

Enhance Productivity Using Streamlined, Multifaceted Communication from a Single User Interface

Consolidate your communication and collaboration activities into a single user interface with the Cisco Jabber® platform. Place, receive, and manage phone calls through your computer or Cisco® IP Phone. Enhance online collaboration using an integrated soft phone to stay connected to customers and colleagues from wherever you are. Find people and resources instantly with real-time presence notification, and bring key players together quickly to share ideas and make informed decisions in real time.

Realize Significant Cost Savings Using a Secure, Hosted, and Scalable Collaboration Solution

Minimize IT investment with an affordable hosted solution that works with your internal systems.

Take advantage of the Cisco WebEx Messenger service to limit the costs of business travel and telephone charges. There's no initial investment, no hardware to buy, and no equipment to manage. Just a predictable monthly subscription.

Open Your Organization to Greater Accessibility

The Cisco WebEx Messenger service enables you to offer enhanced instant messaging, online collaboration, and presence notification to users without additional hardware and maintenance resources. Offer your employees the opportunity to work from anywhere, without missing a meeting, instant message, email, or even a phone call. Count on the flexibility of the Cisco WebEx Messenger plus Cisco Jabber applications to increase productivity and attract and retain top talent.