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Enhanced Unified Communications

Cisco UC Integration™ for IBM Sametime provides instant access to Cisco Unified Communications capabilities directly from IBM Sametime. The integration enhances productivity by extending native audio and HD video capabilities to Samtime IM and presence users. It also includes Cisco phone control and presence status with integrated voicemail and conversation history. The integration allows access to Cisco call control for both standalone and Notes-embedded clients.

Features and Capabilities

With this tight integration for IBM Sametime, users get a consistent user experience, enhanced communications capabilities, and reduced infrastructure complexity. The Integration also provides Sametime users with the following capabilities:

  • Native phone mode control for audio and video: Users can choose to control audio or video calls in IBM Sametime from the user's computer or from the phone.
  • Phone presence and control using XMPP: The phone presence icon, which indicates whether a contact is busy on another call or available to receive a call, is displayed in addition to the IM presence icon where available.
  • Click-to-call capability from IBM Sametime client: Place calls from your list of existing contacts by right-clicking a contact and selecting Phone Call or by choosing a number from the provided options.
  • Integrated visual voicemail and conversation history: Sametime users can view, play, or review conversation history right from the main Sametime client window.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Easy creation and management of audio and videoconferences by dragging and dropping contacts from the list or by searching for participants in the embedded search bar.

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