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Cisco Smart Business Architecture for Midsize Organizations

Listen in as we chat with Distinguished Communications Architect Graham Gudgin about the intersection of communication and collaboration technologies with this modular network architecture designed for the needs of businesses with up to 1000 employees.
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Sophistication Meets Simplicity

Learn about the benefits of Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition 3000 for mid-sized business.
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Cisco Emergency Responder

Coupled with Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Emergency Responder surpasses traditional PBX capabilities by introducing user or phone moves and changes at no cost, and dynamic tracking of user and phone locations for emergency 9-1-1 safety and security purposes. Learn more in this discussion with the product managers.
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Introducing Cisco User Connect Licensing: A New Way of Licensing Cisco Unified Communications products

Licensing Cisco Unified Communications products is simpler and more flexible than ever. Learn more about Cisco User Connect Licensing, a new user-based licensing model.
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Cisco IP Communicator

Hear how advances in the latest release of this softphone application enhance its capabilities and improve its fit with organizations mobility strategy. Learn more in this conversation with the product manager.
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Cisco Unity Connection

Cisco Unity Connection voice messaging can make your business more productive. Learn all about the valuable user and administrator features.
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Unified Communications and Payment Card Industry Compliance

Hear how advances in securing unified communications can help your organization meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements.
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Speech Recognition

Speech Connect for Cisco Unity is a speech-enabled automated attendant for the enterprise. Learn more in this discussion with the product managers.
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Network Security

Hear a technical discussion of Unified Communications security and the Cisco ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliances.
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