Cisco SRW2008MP 8-port Gigabit Switch - WebView Max PoE

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Maximum Power for Maximum Networking

Help your business achieve its fullest potential by putting a strong internal network in place. One of the Cisco Small Business Managed Switches, the Cisco SRW2008MP 8-Port Gigabit Switch is the heart of your digital environment. You can connect up to eight separate devices to the switch's gigabit ports. But there's more to the SRW2008MP than speed: It also helps maximize your Power over Ethernet capabilities by supplying each of eight attached devices with 15.4W of power.

Security is a priority, as the SRW2008MP authenticates with every attached device before sending out information and allows access to be set on multiple levels. The SRW2008MP also prioritizes the data passing along your network with a variety of traffic-shaping mechanisms to help ensure high performance and clarity for bandwidth-intensive communications like video teleconferencing.

Additional features of the Cisco SRW2008MP 8-Port Gigabit Switch include:

  • Non-blocking switching capacity of up to 16 Gbps
  • Up to 256 active port- and 802.1Q-based VLANs (4096 range)
  • A built-in Web interface for easy, browser-based customization
  • Full management through the WebView browser interface or console port

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