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Get the Most Out of Your High-Value Assets

With Cisco Asset Management for Sites software, cell site and substation operators can manage the high-value assets at their remote sites effectively and efficiently from a single web-based dashboard. The solution provides real-time asset tracking and monitoring, along with analyses of asset conditions, consumption and availability, physical security features, and energy management.

Features and Capabilities

Asset Management for Sites software gives cell site and substation operators a single view into the state, condition, availability, and security of their high-value IT and non-IT assets. Customers can make more informed decisions more quickly, improve productivity, shorten maintenance cycles, increase site security, and increase operational efficiency.

Asset Management for Sites provides customized dashboards with metrics, analysis, reporting, and alerting around the following:

Asset Tracking and Monitoring

  • Real-time asset identification, tracking, and monitoring of IT and non-IT assets
  • Asset condition: utilization, temperature, errors, power/battery state, and other reportable attributes associated with high-value assets
  • Customizable alerts and events to manage by exception

Site Access and Security Surveillance

  • Monitoring and alerts on sensors: open/closed doors, motion detection with cameras
  • Alarms and policies for theft detection, prevention
  • Site access with PIN codes
  • Video surveillance

Energy Baselining and Optimization

  • Real-time power consumption and trending based on baselines
  • Power quality based on granular voltage and current trends
  • Optimization of power consumption for OpEx savings
  • Multi-tenant energy use

Situational Awareness

  • Environmental conditions such as Indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, wind conditions, light, others
  • Dry contacts and relays: measurements of any discrete digital I/O point, such as open windows and doors, running motors, and more

Operational Stability

  • Tower uptime
  • Battery health
  • Power and fuel availability
  • Failure detection and reporting
  • Network operations center (NOC) alarm integration

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