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A Cost-Conscious Solution for Storage Needs

As your business grows, so do your storage demands - but you don't need pricey or complicated new hardware to boost your network's storage capacity. Cisco Small Business Network Storage Systems offer a competitive cost savings compared to advanced storage products. Cisco Small Business Network Storage Systems give you the high capacity points and ease-of-use to accommodate your storage needs.

Available in a variety of capacity points, Cisco Small Business Network Storage Systems:

  • Allow you to add terabytes of capacity to your network, using either hard drives you've purchased separately or hard drives that are included with the Network Storage System
  • Can function without an operating system installed on one of the included drives; this gives Cisco Small Business Network Storage Systems hot-swap capability for mixing drives around at your leisure
  • Support a variety of RAID formats, giving you the ability to keep your data safe through constant replication, chain your drives together for maximum performance, or a combination of the two

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