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Spare Drive Trays with and without Hard Disks

Your small business is growing, so why limit your storage and archiving capabilities? Extra Cisco NAS drive trays let you expand your network storage system as necessary when it's time to increase your backup, sharing, and archiving capacity.

Because Cisco's network storage systems (NSS) automatically recognize and configure new or replacement drives, there's no setup work to do. This means new drives can be added quickly and easily whenever your system storage needs bolstering.

These drive expansions are all compatible with the NSS series of network attached storage products:

  • HDT0000: A single hard-drive tray that can accommodate Cisco-approved vendor SATA hard drives
  • HDT0004: A set of four hard drive trays that can accommodate Cisco- and Linksys-approved vendor SATA hard drives
  • HDT0250: A single hard-drive tray pre-populated with a 250GB hard drive
  • HDT0500: A single hard-drive tray pre-populated with a 500GB hard drive

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