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Cisco Smart Accounts

Simplify your software license management. Get started today – it’s fast, easy and free.

A new way to manage users and software entitlements

Cisco Smart Accounts offer a simple-to-use, centralized, organized solution to manage software entitlements and users across your organization.

Enterprisewide visibility puts you in control

Get real-time, enterprisewide visibility into your license use and gain valuable insights to help inform purchase decisions, lower operational costs, and ensure compliance.

Gain real-time visibility

Get centralized management

Drive down costs

Organize users and licenses

Create a Cisco Smart Account

Get started with your Smart Account today:

  1. Go to Cisco Software Central at software.cisco.com.
  2. Select "Request a Smart Account."
  3. Enter your information.

ZK Research white paper: How to get the most out of your infrastructure investments with Smart Licensing

Read how Cisco is changing its approach to software licensing and how it’s significantly more flexible than traditional licensing models.

Smart Accounts benefit all types of Cisco software licenses

You can access all license management portals on Cisco Software Central (CSC). 


Smart software licenses

Get easy license activation and management with no product activation key (PAK) needed.  Licenses are managed within Cisco Smart Software Manager (CSSM) portal on Cisco Software Central (CSC) or locally on CSSM On-Prem.

Enterprise Agreements

Get simplified EA management, enterprisewide visibility, and automatic license fulfillment. Licenses are managed in the EA Workspace portal on Cisco Software Central (CSC).

Gain enterprisewide visibility of PAK licenses and entitlements in your Smart Account. Licenses are managed in the License Registration Portal (LRP) on Cisco Software Central (CSC).

Take your Smart Account to the next level

Check out 'My Cisco Entitlements' – a powerful new entitlement management platform that gives you access to all your Cisco assets and entitlements throughout their lifecycle.

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