Cisco Service Control Application for Broadband

Optimize Mobile Networks for Quality Services

Cisco Service Control Application Suite for Broadband

The Cisco Service Control Application for Mobile Networks helps mobile service providers maximize the revenue they generate out of their mobile data infrastructure by adding a programmable service layer to mobile data networks. This helps providers to do the following, without costly infrastructure upgrades:

  • Identify subscribers
  • Classify applications
  • Guarantee service performance
  • Provide information about IP services

The Cisco Service Control Application for Broadband, with stateful deep-packet inspection through the application network layer, allows providers to:

  • Identify content transported on any protocol
  • Provide detailed analysis and control of complex applications
  • Prioritize sessions in real time.

Cisco Service Control technology is transport- and content-independent, fully extensible and programmable, and easily integrates into the existing fabric of the network providing customized service levels while optimizing the overall subscriber experience. Operators that take advantage of this exclusive wire-speed and stateful architecture can profitably deliver an array of services customized to individual subscriber needs.

Cisco Service Control Engine with Cisco Service Control Application

Cisco Service Control Diagram

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