Service Exchange Benefits

Gain Insight and Control Over Your Services

As a service provider, you can use Cisco Service Exchange to help deliver highly secure, personalized services and improve profitability. It provides a common service infrastructure to help you:

  • Offer more services, including personalization, content filtering, and multiple charging models
  • Gain higher network efficiencies through service prioritization, video quality of service (QoS), and scalability
  • Improve control, including fair use enforcement, higher availability, and cross-network mobile data transactions

Analyze and Control More Assets Simultaneously

You can also simplify the process of delivering and managing multiple services to help boost efficiency and profit.

IP NGN 2.0

The Cisco Service Exchange Framework combines data, voice, video, and mobility through the enhanced intelligence in Cisco IP Next-Generation Networks (IP NGN).

The Cisco Service Exchange Framework can help you:

  • Deliver, analyze, manage, and control existing and new applications
  • Implement new security policies as part of an overall service offering
  • Offer application-level quality of service (QoS)
  • Provide subscriber-aware and application-aware services
  • Improve profits through bundled and managed service pricing