Cisco Secure and Cigent

How Cigent and Cisco Secure work together

When Cisco Secure Endpoint detects an attack, Cigent requires MFA for designated file access on an endpoint and makes data invisible when installed on Cigent Secure SSD Advanced or any Opal SED.

Cigent® protects your most valuable asset – your data – with Cigent Secure SSDs™ that prevent compromise by attackers who gain remote or physical access to a device and zero trust access controls that protect individual files wherever they go. Funded by In-Q-Tel™ and founded by experts in storage, data forensics, and cyber security to develop a new standard in data protection.

Cigent has two capabilities included with Cigent Plus and Cigent Secure SSD Advanced that integrate with Cisco Secure Endpoint, as follows:

  • Invisible Data: data is invisible, even after logging on until unlocked with MFA (storage firmware renders data unreadable at the sector level, preventing all physical and remote attacks).
  • Zero Trust File Access: file access controls that only allow the trusted user to access individual files with MFA. Consistently defeats zero-day ransomware and data theft for in-use data. Files can be configured as risk-based, only requiring MFA when threats are detected.

Both capabilities can automatically enable additional data protections when Cisco Secure Endpoints detects an attack on an endpoint. And both can be enabled to be used with Duo MFA.

Product Integrations

  • Secure Endpoint: The Cigent integration with Cisco Secure Endpoint provides a highly effective automated response mechanism to threats detected on Windows endpoints. The Cigent Plus cloud-based management console ingests security events from the Cisco Secure Endpoint console and triggers Active Lock on the local device through the Cigent Windows client. Active Lock protects individual files by requiring step-up authentication until the threat is cleared. This integration ensures sensitive files are protected during periods of elevated risk. Active Lock will also automatically make data stored an Invisible Data container invisible again until the threat is remediated.
  • Duo: There are many options for step-up authentication including Cisco Secure Access by Duo OTP and push notifications.