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Normal activity. Except that it was coming from China.

Dan Kascak has seen it all.

He saved an international travel provider hundreds of thousands of dollars when he discovered abnormal satellite data usage. He discovered a terabyte of data from a U.S. company being uploaded to Ukraine, where it didn’t operate.

He got to the bottom of an employee computer streaming ESPN for three days straight while that employee was out witnessing the birth of his first child. And he put a stop to otherwise normal-looking U.S. employee logins... coming from China.

Dan draws on his years of experience to lead the Stealthwatch Enterprise Technology Support team. With all that he’s seen, there’s no client problem too complex for him to identify and help solve. “Your mom always said: ‘Don’t talk to strangers,’ but what strangers has your computer been talking to?” Dan asks.

“Every time you pull up an average webpage, and all the ads start popping up, how do you know any one of those 50 ad sites hasn’t pulled something bad onto your computer?” The answer is: You don’t, unless you have the correct tools.

Stealthwatch Enterprise can do at a network level what other tools do at a machine level. “Our work is to bring that golden bullet, that unified protection suite,” Dan says. “Everyone likes to get up thinking ‘I’m going to save the world,’ but this is one of those jobs where you can actually say that.”

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