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Cisco Stealthwatch Professional Services

Detect more threats faster

Take advantage of our highly skilled professional services team to enhance your Stealthwatch deployment and protect your bottom line. The team can assist with implementation, configuration, and integration to help you extract maximum value from your security defenses and detect more threats faster. 

What you get

Stealthwatch deployment

Work with our experts and learn best practices for the installation and configuration of Stealthwatch. Safeguard your technology investment with fast, error-free deployment, comprehensive threat detection, and quicker results. 

Health check and tuning

Make the most of your technology. Check your Stealthwatch implementation for proper operation and alarm fidelity. Don’t let attackers slip through the cracks and compromise your business.

Host group automation

Logically categorize network assets for improved visibility and control. Make your job easier while supporting better network segmentation and security. 

Proxy integration

Integrate virtually any web proxy with the Cisco Stealthwatch Flow Collector. Obtain insight into proxy sessions, see more of your network, and give attackers less places to hide. 

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) integration

Integrated security is better security. Integrate Stealthwatch with your SIEM to increase threat intelligence and stay ahead of attackers. Our service makes integration easier so you can focus on defending your network. 

Flow Collector 5000 series deployment

Ensure that the Flow Collector 5020 is operating at its full potential for optimal threat protection and ROI. This service includes initial installation, configuration, and tuning to make deployment quick and efficient.