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SMB Cybersecurity Report

Big Security in a Small Business World: 10 myth busters for SMB cybersecurity.

What we cover

In this report we use survey findings and outcomes from our conversations with small and medium-sized businesses to debunk common SMB cybersecurity myths. Our data specifically covers SMBs with 250 to 499 employees. 


Less than 1 percent do not have anyone dedicated to security.


Seventy-two percent have employees dedicated to threat hunting, compared to 76 percentage of large organizations.


Fifty-six percent have a daily or weekly patch routine, compared to 58 percent of large organizations.


An impressive 86 percent have clear metrics for assessing the effectiveness of their security, compared to 90 percent of large organizations.

Available now: Big Security in a Small Business World

Get the latest report on how small businesses are tackling cybersecurity challenges and how their efforts compare to those in larger organizations. 

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