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Optimize the effectiveness of your cybersecurity

Cisco Advisory CISOs, Talos, and Cisco Secure customers share their unique perspectives on the findings in our Security Outcomes Study, Vol. 2. Learn how you can apply their expertise to your organization's needs.

Session topics

Behind the data

Take a look at the data from our Security Outcomes Study, Vol. 2 and learn what you can do to strengthen protocols and improve outcomes without interrupting your employees' jobs.

A modern tech stack

Well-integrated, up-to-date technology contributes to success more than any other factor. Explore how you can refresh your security tools and gain security resilience.

The SecOps trinity

Great cybersecurity programs have three main components: a skilled staff, efficient processes, and effective technology. Learn how to balance each component to drive security resiliency.

Cybersecurity 'x factors'

Cyberattacks and outages have made business continuity and disaster recovery vital to your security. Explore best practices to prepare for disruptive attacks.


Richard Archdeacon

Advisory CISO, Cisco

Wouter Hindriks

Security Lead, Avit Group

Helen Patton

Advisory CISO, Cisco 

Kurt John

Chief Cybersecurity Officer, Siemens USA

Dave Lewis

Advisory CISO, Cisco

Martin Lee

EMEA Lead, Talos Strategic Planning & Communications

Wolfgang Goerlich

Advisory CISO, Cisco

Dan Turner

Chief Information Officer, Per Mar Security Services

Security Outcomes Study, Vol. 2

Discover five actionable, data-backed practices that can boost your security.