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Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis and Response System

NOTE: This product is no longer being sold and might not be supported.

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Identify and Mitigate Security Threats

As network attacks increase, so does the volume of security log data generated by the network infrastructure. This overwhelming amount of network security data can make it challenging to troubleshoot and identify an attack or vulnerability.

Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis, and Response System (MARS) facilitates this process by:

  • Identifying threats on the Cisco network by "learning" the topology, configuration, and behavior of your environment
  • Making precise recommendations for threat mitigation, including the ability to visualize the attack path and identify the source of the threat
  • Simplifying incident management and response through integration with Cisco Security Manager security management software

To learn about Cisco solutions for managing firewall, IPS, VPN, and email/web security deployments, visit the Network Security Management page.

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