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Cisco Secure Managed Remote Access

Bring focus back to your most critical priorities

The shift to remote work created unprecedented demand for anytime, anywhere access to corporate resources. Cisco Secure Managed Remote Access offloads remote access management from your IT and security heroes, empowering them to focus on what's important.

Why Cisco Secure Managed Remote Access?

Rapid scalability

Get users up and running quickly for rapid time-to-value and enhance business continuity.

Greater ROI

Our flexible, subscription-based pricing allows you to reduce costs by paying only for what you need.

Seamless user experience

Always-on connectivity and security provide end users with a great experience regardless of location.

Features and benefits

Highly available, secure network access

Provide users with highly secure access to corporate resources from any location or device. Our service autodetects trusted networks and disconnections, automatically enforcing appropriate policies and remedies where needed.

Trusted security across Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices

Enjoy greater flexibility when bringing personal devices to the corporate network—without compromising security.

Cloud-based, scalable architecture

Our service is built on a cloud-based, highly available infrastructure that provides scalable remote access to get users up and running quickly.

Always-on service monitoring, performance metrics, and alerts

Cisco provides 24x7x365 monitoring of infrastructure, including continuous device health, performance metrics, and alerting.

Integration with Cisco Umbrella (optional)

Secure your cloud-first strategy even when devices are off the corporate network. This cloud-delivered security solution enforces when connecting directly to the cloud to protect against malware, phishing, and command-and-control callbacks over any port or protocol.

Cisco Managed Services

Cisco manages over one million devices for companies in 175 countries across 38 industries. We understand the operational model and how to deliver effective managed operations.