Cisco Firepower Threat Defense for ISR

Increase Security and Reduce WAN Costs Without Backhauling Traffic

Cisco Firepower Threat Defense for ISR combines the industry-leading converged branch platform, Cisco ISR, with the best-in-class threat protection from Cisco’s Firepower next-generation IPS. The consolidated footprint returns valuable square footage to revenue-generating assets while the FireSIGHT management console provides a clear divide on roles and responsibilities.

Today’s distributed enterprises are facing increased pressure from their branch offices for direct Internet access, over the current method of backhauling traffic through the data center to gain access. This approach may save on WAN costs, but it also forfeits the inherent threat protection a data center provides.

The enterprise-level risks that branch offices face with bring-your-own-device issues, compliance requirements, and advanced persistent threats require enterprise-level security.

Cisco Firepower Threat Defense for ISR includes several products and capabilities to deliver enterprise-level, integrated threat protection to extended enterprise operations in the branch, including :

  • Our Firepower Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) sets the standard in advanced threat protection. It integrates real-
time contextual awareness, intelligent security automation, and industry-leading threat prevention.
  • Application Visibility and Control reduces the potential surface area of attacks through granular control of thousands of applications. It enforces mobile, social, and other acceptable use policies.
  • Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Networks protects against sophisticated, targeted, zero-day, and persistent advanced threats. AMP continuously analyzes files and network traffic for threats that evade your first lines of defense. It provides deep visibility into the activity and behavior of the threat, then rapidly responds to and contains an active attack.
  • Reputation-based URL Filtering mitigates sophisticated client-side attacks. It controls access to more than 280 million URLs in over 80 categories, and can reduce risk from suspicious or unacceptable domains.
  • Firepower Management Center is the centralized point of event and policy management for all Firepower Threat Defense for ISR components.

It provides visibility into everything on your network, including physical and virtual hosts, operating systems, applications, services, protocols, users, geo-location information, content, network behavior, network attacks, and malware. It can also reduce costs by streamlining operations and automating many commonly recurring security analysis and management tasks.