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Centralize Management of Access Policies

Cisco Policy Administration Point (PAP) provides centralized administration, management and monitoring of entitlement policies, and delegation and integration with enterprise information repositories such as Active Directory and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). The features of Cisco PAP include:

  • Browser-based, drag-and-drop interface for creation of granular entitlement policies based on user, resource, request context, action, and other environmental attributes
  • Ability to set per-application as well as enterprise-wide policies
  • Administer entitlements including ability to group users and resources and clone and inherit entitlements.
  • Delegate administration for operational scalability by empowering the appropriate people to manage policies for their applications and lines of business (LOBs)
  • Centralized management, review, and audit of all entitlement policies for all applications
  • "What if" functionality that allows administrators to understand implications of policy changes in advance of deploying them in a production environment

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