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Cisco IOS Flexible Packet Matching (FPM)

Protect Against Emerging Threats

Protect against existing and emerging threats at all network entry points with Cisco IOS Flexible Packet Matching (FPM). Cisco FPM uses flexible and granular Layer 2-7 pattern matching deep within the packet header or payload to provide a rapid first line of defense against network threats and notable worms and viruses.

A key component of the Cisco IOS Integrated Threat Control framework, Cisco FPM complements the Cisco IOS Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) by supporting custom filters that can be defined and deployed more rapidly than IPS signatures or antivirus patterns can be updated. It gives network security administrators powerful tools to identify miscreant traffic and immediately drop or log it for audit purposes.


  • Protects network resources -- Uses a pattern-matching technology to address even day zero attacks before IPS or antivirus signatures have a chance to update
  • Ensures Business Continuity -- Rapidly responds to new and emerging attacks before they spread to other parts of the network
  • Enforces Business Policy -- Blocks communications and file-sharing applications such as Skype and Gnutella and can detect custom applications for refining company compliance policy

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