Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Experience effective firewall management made simple.

Frost & Sullivan Market Leadership Award

Cisco Secure Firewall earns an exclusive award for excellence in the global network firewall market in 2021.

Benefits of Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Cisco Defense Orchestrator helps you consistently manage policies across Cisco firewalls and public cloud infrastructure. It is a cloud-based application that cuts through complexity to save you time and keep your organization protected against the latest threats.

Simplify management

Centralize network security policy and device management.

Save time

Reduce time spent on repetitive security management tasks by up to 90 percent.

Strengthen your security

Clean up policies to close security gaps and achieve better, more consistent security.

Key features

Unify security policy and objects

Manage security policy consistently across the Cisco firewall portfolio—including Cisco Secure Firewall with Firewall Threat Defense and Adaptive Security Appliance software, Cisco Umbrella, and Cisco Meraki—as well as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Optimize configurations

Analyze policies and objects across security devices to identify errors and inconsistencies. Correct them in seconds to improve your security posture and device performance.

Deploy devices faster

Drive consistency and efficiency by leveraging templates for new deployments. Gain even more efficiency with low-touch provisioning for faster device deployments.

Simplify upgrades

Conduct ASA and FTD software image upgrades within three clicks, saving you hours.

Track every change

Every change made over time is continuously documented and viewable in the change log. Roll back to a last-known good configuration at any time.

End-to-end visibility

Leverages Cisco Security Analytics and Logging to provide high-fidelity alerts on threats such as C&C attacks, ransomware, DDoS attacks, cryptomining, known malware, and insider threats.

Optimize operational efficiency

Integration with other Cisco Secure solutions provides additional automation while reducing risk.

From one control panel we’ve got everything from traditional firewalling to the more advanced next-gen firewall techniques today… coupling that with analytics and other platforms.

-Aaron Hackney, Principal Architect, Rackspace

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