Defending the Burrow

Watch prairie dogs use cybersecurity tactics to protect their burrow from predators.

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Simple, effective: What security should be

A patchwork of security solutions complicates your ability to protect your network. A simple, open, and automated approach helps solutions to work together. Embrace open-source technology with Cisco security solutions. Our portfolio provides protection from endpoints to the cloud and beyond.


Coyotes, eagles, and… cybersecurity attacks? That’s right. Our prairie dog friends are looking to secure their burrow from all manner of would-be attackers. Follow them as they beef up their defenses. Watch as they learn the value of taking a holistic approach to defending their network, from hackers and hungry animals alike.

Prairie dogs figure out how to foil virtual predators. See how a firewall forms the first line of defense. (3:26 min)

A coyote breaks in and causes havoc. How can Cisco Advanced Malware Protection protect the burrow? (3:13 min)

The prairie dogs "turn back time" to see how the attack happened. Then they strengthen their defenses. (1:11 min)


Why invest in security?

The real value of security is difficult to prove. We connect the dots between investment and opportunity.

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Cybersecurity for innovation

Security can help your company grow and compete. It should be the backbone of any innovative endeavor.

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