Cisco Automated IOS Protection Solution

Enhance Security for Your System

The Cisco Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) sends timely advisories about Cisco IOS Software vulnerabilities with the Cisco IOS Software versions that fix these problems. The advisories usually contain details about the attacks. This can make the customer networks more prone to such attacks.

With the Cisco Automated IOS Protection Solution, you can download and automatically apply patches from It provides intermediate protection until the new Cisco IOS Software image is applied to the router.

The Automated IOS Protection Solution capability requires a security license on the Cisco Integrated Services Router Generation 2 (ISR G2) Family of routers, and is available in Cisco IOS Software Releases 15.0.

The Automated IOS Protection capability offers these benefits:

  • Protects Network Devices: You get intermediate mitigation of vulnerabilities identified by Cisco PSIRT.
  • Facilitates Simple Patch Management: Automatically apply patches to routers by loading patches (protection filters) directly from or a local server.
  • Reduces Total Operational Expenses: You can automate the patch-update process on the router and eliminate the need for manual intervention.

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